Let’s face it, our parents will always embarrass us…

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For my first weekly post, I was given the assignment to surf the blogsphere.  I have never blogged before, but I am always up to try new things! While thinking of topics to search for my first blog post, I came across the mom in the muddle blog that grabbed my attention.  The specific blog that I read was about your everyday mom whose kids never gave her a break and always bossed her around. They thought that their mom was embarrassing them by every little thing that she did.

Ever since I could remember, I was embarrassed by every little thing that my parents did until I was about 13 years old.  I enjoyed this blog very much because there was so much that I could relate to, even the tiny details.  This is a blog that could relate to any mother who is dealing with this, or to any child who is going through this stage of life.  I like how this blog was written in a way that the readers could feel like they are a part of the story.  The description is very vivid and real.

There were no parts of this blog that I didn’t enjoy reading.  This mother covered every aspect of a child’s adolescence.  Every single thing that this mother would do would mortify her children, and there is nothing she can do about it because it is just a phase that every child goes through in their life.

There are many elements of this blog that I would include into one of my own.  I love how this blog was created to tell the truth, and show other mom’s that they are not the only ones suffering out there.  The title of this blog is very catchy, and also has several other blog posts that coordinate with this one.  I believe that the style and elements of this blog should be considered by other bloggers to use for future blog posts!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s face it, our parents will always embarrass us…

  1. I know the feeling of getting embarrassed by your parents. It’s even worse now that many of our parents have social medias. My mom loves to post embarrassing photos of me, and puts funny little tags on there that she thinks are funny but really they are downright embarrassing. But, being a college student now and a “little” more mature, I like seeing the moms side of the story. Mom’s are not out to get us or embarrass us intentionally like we think they are. They really do love us and at the end of the day they are proud of who we are. Yes, they might say something in front of our friends that we did not want anyone to know, or post a funny picture of us from when were naked in the bathtub when we were little… But honestly, those small instances to the bigger picture. Our parents do a lot for us and THAT is what we need to remember.


  2. I can completely relate to a blog like this. Even though I am in college I am a commuter student that still lives with my mom. From the time I was 10 up until I went to college I was constantly butting heads with my mom. Everything she said to the actions she did were so annoying to me. Now I find myself acting just like her. There more time I spent away from her the better I’ve gotten along with her. I think it could have just been a phase of not getting along or maybe I’m just starting to understand her and her actions better. As I start to think about my future and the possibility of children in it I start to understand why she acts the way she does and it makes it easier to forgive her for all the embarrassing things in the past. I also begin to see the way I acted and how I was just being a brat most of the time.


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