Los Primos- Cooking Cousins- Mexican Grill – by huntersgonzotopia

Comment 5 posted 4/14/15

“This place sounds great!  Family businesses tend to always have the best food because most of them use recipes that have been passed down in the family.  I will have the give Los Primos a try before the year ends!”


Only One Direction of Sadness – by getfrankwithfrancis

Comment 4 posted 3/31/15

“This is a great post! I bet that a lot of fans are crushed by this news, but if they are truly “diehard” fans, then they won’t give up their love for One Direction. Let’s see how long this group of talent can stay together before they turn out like the others!”


NAIA Cheer and Dance Nationals – by Kiersten Shurlock

Comment 3 posted 3/25/2015

“I love this story line! It looks like you guys are so excited to be there and have so much spirit to represent St. Ambrose. Good luck at Nationals this Spring! =)”


I’M LOVIN IT – by Maggie Chausse

Comment 2 posted 2/24/2015

“I’m lovin’ this blog! Since not many people eat at McDonald’s anymore because of the unhealthy food options, McDonald’s definitely needed to bring their costumers back in. This was such a clever way to do that. It’s too bad that this can’t be everyday!”


Trying to keep up with your NYE resolutions? Food and Fitness are two perfect ways to do that! – by sarahbristol

Comment 1 posted  2/2/2015

“This is such an awesome blog!  I can relate to this topic in so many ways.  Almost every girl has the new year resolution of losing weight so they can have their body all ready for summer, but sometimes, or probably always, that resolution falls through.  I also totally agree on the alcohol portion of this article too.  It’s no secret that college students experiment with alcohol.  I feel that this blog is very informative for not only college students, but for anyone looking to make a healthy change in their life!”


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