PR picture 8

For my PRE, I chose an advertisement from this year’s super bowl commercials. This video is a part of the always campaign and shows how females are stereotyped by men. The producers of this commercial gathered together girls and boys of all ages, and asked them a series of questions, “What does it mean to do something ‘like a girl’ ”. First they asked the boys to run, fight, and throw like a girl. All of the boys flailed their arms when they ran, used no defense while fighting, and used no muscle to throw. Up next were the girls. They were asked the same series of questions. Each and every girl did the same thing that the boys did. It is a known fact that every girls self-confidence drops while they are going through puberty, but that is something that doesn’t need to happen. The producers asked one boy if he was insulting his sister when he was asked to do things like a girl. He was a little hesitant with his answer because he really had to think about the actions he had made. Next the producers asked the girls to run, fight and throw how they usually would. All of the girls had firm muscles and gave it their all to show everyone that they are just as strong, mighty and confident as boys are. This commercial shows viewers that stereotyping is not necessary in today’s world. Girls are just as equal as boys are in so many ways and that is the way that it should be.–mLXg“>


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