I plead guilty to using social media

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Let’s face it… social media has taken over almost all of our generation. As guilty as I am, I am one of those people. Social media has its ups and downs. It is a major distraction from many things, but also a very handy tool for quick answers to your questions. Next time you are in a public area, such as a shopping center or waiting room, take a minute to look at all of the people around you. Most of them are probably using their phones, and are likely to be using a social media website.

I currently have social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. These accounts have many purposes to them. I use Facebook to catch up with my extended family and old friends, and see new things that they post, such as pictures and statues. My personal favorite account is Twitter. This is a social media site where you can tweet a thought or feeling. It is also used by businesses to promote and advertise products. This is where the famous hashtag is used! I use this site the most because it is the most common for my age group and it offers me the most recent news and updates on things going on in the world. It is just like an electronic newspaper! Instagram is an account where you can edit and post pictures. This account is mostly used by females, but more and more males have been posting and editing pictures lately. Another one of my favorite accounts is Pinterest. This media site is made to search for anything… and I mean anything. From recipes, to clothing styles, to home remedies, Pinterest offers it all. It is a site for people to post their thoughts and ideas for others to view and “pin” to their own page. It may be a confusing concept at first, but it is definitely addicting once you get the hang of it.

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All of these social media sites are available in the app store for all Apple products and even better, they are free! You can also use their websites on a desktop computer if you do not have a phone that offers these apps. Many of these apps are not missing any functions. Usually, these social media sites are automatically updated with the latest features and trends, so they are always up-to-date.

Social media may not be favored by all, but it is definitely the way of the world nowadays.   Almost anything can be done just by using your cell phone, from depositing a check into your bank account to filling your next prescription. The 21st century has offered many technological inventions that have taken over our generation. Social media may have been one of the best, but who knows what is in store for the future!

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