Share a Coke!

share a coke 1  Many of you may be a fan of Pepsi products, but as for me, Coca-Cola is the way to go. For over 125 years, Coca-Cola has been one of the most refreshing drinks in the world. In 2011, Coca-Cola began the “Share a Coke” campaign in Australia, where the Coca-Cola logo was replaced on the bottles, and replaced with names. The campaign used 150 of the most popular names in Australia to print on the bottles and cans. The idea of this campaign came up because of the way our society chooses to connect with one another. The more that people are connecting online, the fewer they are in real life. Coca-Cola noticed this, and decided to adapt to the changing environment.

This campaign encouraged people to engage with others online and offline.  The company decided to switch their brand name out with UK’s most common names on their cans and bottles. Each of these had the hashtag of #shareacoke to promote the brand online. By labeling their products with names, Coca-Cola’s goal was to get people together, and share a good time over a Coca-Cola. This all began in Australia when people started noticing bottles of coke in refrigerators with their names on it. It created multiple online conversations, and for the campaign to launch to other channels. The story first broke out in Australia’s newspapers and television. It reached over 30% of population. The famous iconic Coca-Cola sign in Sydney, Australia was projected with a name in lights promoting the product. How Genius!

After the official launch of “Share a Coke”, Coca-Cola received multiple requests for more names to be used on their products. Coke came out with more than 50 new names that satisfied most of the public. This campaign went viral, and traveled across several countries. The intake of Coca-Cola increased by 7% just for young adults! The campaign produced a total of 18,300,000 media impressions, and the Coca-Cola Facebook page increased by 870%. 76,000 Coke cans were shared online, and 378,000 custom Coke cans were printed at Westfield malls across the country.

The products that Coca-Cola has produced throughout the years are incredible. They has caused people to have a very positive impression with all of the advertisements that Coca-Cola has to offer. It has captured the attention of young teens, adults, and even the elderly who may have a taste for something refreshing! Coca-Cola has never produced a product idea that was not successful. The slogans and catch phrases are so clever, and always grab the public’s attention. You could never expect anything less from Coca-Cola!

share a coke


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