Pretty Girls With Ugly Secrets

pll1Pretty Little Liars has been a huge hit since its first time hitting the big screens in 2010. Five girls, named Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Alison, were best friends their whole life. One night in the summer while having a sleepover, the girls woke up to realize that Alison was missing. In later months, her body was found in the basement of a home, and the mystery of Alison DiLaurentis was over. After the funeral of Alison took place, the four girls received a text message at the same time, reading “I’m still here bitches, and I know everything – A”. A is out to ruin these girls lives and reveal all of their secrets. Each and every one of them have a secret that could ruin their lives, and Alison will always have that blackmail on them. If they become close to figuring out who “A” is, something always seems to go wrong, and they always end up back at square one.


This show has been an ongoing mystery to see if Alison is still alive, or if someone is taking her identity and sending messages off of a blocked number. Alison has always been the leader of her group and never really had the nicest of attitudes, so these cruel messages really made Alison’s friends believe that it could be her. So who is it? Could it really be Alison? But I thought she was dead? Who is in her grave? The mystery still continues!

The Pretty Little Liars cast is currently working on season 6. The viewers have received many clues throughout the seasons, leading up to the big “A” reveal.

pll missing

Linda Stasi critiqued the first season of Pretty Little Liars and captured all of the very important details. I love how she added titles of other movies and shows to resemble the relationships between the two. It is very important to be able to critique things, both negatively and positively. In the Public Relations world, many people critique the way that companies advertise and promote their products. Critiquing things allows for companies to learn from their mistakes and succeed in their works.

“Critique like no one is watching – A”


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